Naming Windows .bat files

Whilst setting up a Elixir development environment I ran into a interesting problem.

I created a new .bat file in Windows 10 to start up Elixir’s Interactive Shell. The command I wanted to run was:

iex --werl

So I created a new Windows .bat file called iex.bat which contained this single command.

Unfortunately when I double clicked on the icon instead of seeing the Elixir Interactive Shell I saw that the command was continually looping:








Fortunately this Stackoverflow answer helped in identifying the problem. If you create a .bat file with the same name as the command you wish to run you will end up in a endless loop!

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You don’t have to suck at Excel

Watching Joel Spolsky’s masterful presentation You Suck at Excel with Joel Spolsky will make you better at using Excel.

You don’t have to watch it all , watch the first 5 minutes about how to correctly paste in Excel will improve your productivity whilst reducing your #REF! error stress levels and will put you head and shoulders above most of the people using Excel today.

Some other highlights to look out for in the first 20 minutes are:

  1.  R1C1 mode
  2. Riding the Range
  3. Rounding errors

I could go on and on but I am stopping you watching the video so suffice to say this is such an excellent and generous presentation by a superb technical leader.

Thank you Joel.